About Us

Our Education aims to impart knowledge and skills as per the CBSE curriculum, to educate children, to appreciate the difference between right & wrong and to accept discipline, responsibility and leadership. The School endeavors will make its children understand that education cannot be divorced from standards of social behavior. They should form a strong resolve to serve their country and their fellow men and women, both in their daily work and in some of their spare time. They should believe that contributing to the welfare of the poor, and some share in the duties of good citizens, will be obligatory for every self respecting man and woman. They should develop artistic talent and be able to play those games, which promote the virtues of courage, unselfishness and good sportsmanship, co-ordination between mind and body, and healthy forms of recreation for effective use of leisure hours.

The school expects its pupils to get accustomed to living simply and see nothing derogatory in dirtying their hands. They should enjoy physical effort, adventure and a spice of danger. They should pride themselves on being able to look after themselves. They should have the habit of reading extensively both for information and pleasure. They should learn how to learn, have a desire to go on learning and be able to do solid work without a teacher always by their side. When the time comes for them to leave they should be able to claim that they have achieved more than a few of these ideals. They will then be able to look back with pride and affection to the years of their schooling and to the school which admitted them as children and sent them out as mature men and women.

Within the bag less pattern, students will be not only free from the burden of bags, but they also have the liberty to do what they wish once they will be back home.

LGS will inculcates in students all the required skills to groom itself to a complete personality. The reading, writing and learning process will be carried out within the school working hours.

LGS will indulges the students in all modes of recreations which will be very much essential for the all round development of the child. For this purpose the school provides adequate facilities for games and other sports.

English speaking by the students and staff of LGS will be one of the best features found in this institution. Due care is taken to see that the vocabulary & other requirements for fluent English is groomed in each and every level.

Our Vision
Laureate Global School is committed to facilitating the development of the child by creating an environment in which all students will achieve success and become productive individuals and can face challenges in the walks of life.

Our Mission

The mission of the Laureate Global School is to provide a safe, nurturing, and inclusive environment in which our students become critical and creative learners and independent problem solvers. As competent, responsible, and caring citizens, our students will know and apply the communication and computation skills necessary for working and contributing within a diverse global society.

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